User and Role Based Security

Role based security is built into all aspects of DWO.  Individual work orders, down to an individual form item can be manipulated based on a user’s role or group membership.  Aspects such as; which form types can a user see, which users can a user manage, which customers can a user work on can all be configured using the Web UI Portal.

Built-In Encryption

DWO encrypts user entered and user identifiable data at the application level.  This ensures that even in the event that the data storage sub-system is compromised, no user identifiable or user entered information can be used outside of the application.

HIPAA, Data Privacy, and CFR Part 21

DWO provides configurable settings that will allow it to be certifiable for HIPAA, Data Privacy, and CFR Part 21 Data Privacy regulations.   E-Signatures following the CFR Part 21 regulations can be added for each form type.


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