DWO Web Portal 4.2 Release Notes

Slide Outs

All of the major grids now support the “Slide Out”.  Slide Out makes it so that when you click on the details of a grid line (like the on the “Works” grid below), the details will slide out from the right, instead of refreshing your browser into that detail page.


The Calendar has been updated to allow you to better manipulate work orders from the calendar view.

You can create a new work order for a day by clicking on the calendar:


You can manage an existing work order by clicking on the calendar item:


If you have more than one event for a user on a day, clicking on the calendar item will show a list on the sidebar:



The Daily Scheduler to also use the Slide Outs.


Clicking on a user (circle) will Slide Out that user’s profile:

Clicking on a Work Subject will Slide Out that Work Subject’s Details:

Editing a Work Order will Slide Out that Work Subject’s Details: